We are a stockist aimed at the professional resale market in the area of stapling, gluing, welding, fixing, tools and accessories for construction. Our brands are internationally recognized for the quality of their products, their ability to provide technical support and their constant research and development of innovative solutions.

"We are more than just a supplier of products for your company. We are partners and solutions consultants for all market requirements, from simple installation to the most complex work."

Operating exclusively in the resale market, Leiritécnica aims to establish relationships of trust with our partners and customers, based on a commitment to constant evolution in line with the needs and demands of the market.

We operate in the market with a focus on quality, monitoring and training on the product, from its technical characteristics to the efficiency of the product, with a range of products that is adjusted and competitive in the national market.

We believe that this strategy, together with the work we do on a daily basis and the values that have governed Leiritécnica since 1979, convey the credibility and experience needed to add value to your business!

Thank you for your confidence!


Ensuring the quality of the products we sell for resale, guided by criteria that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers' needs, adding value to their business, and in conditions that allow us to boost the company's results.


Based on the fundamental pillar of Customer Orientation, more than a supplier, Leiritécnica aims to be a benchmark for its customers, becoming their partner, providing all the support, advice and monitoring necessary for the success of their business.






These values are reflected in the constant adaptation and satisfaction of customer needs, always guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the articles sold, and doing so with total transparency in order to guarantee a relationship of trust.

"We work to provide solutions that
add value to your business"